Chilli Chocolate Sauce (Mole Poblano)

Chilli Chocolate Sauce (Mole Poblano)
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Chilli Chocolate Sauce, or Mole Poblano

Heat: 4/10

Vol: 200 mls

Info: Another of Chilli Pepper Pete's storecupboard essentials, and what a delicious one!  Containing the Holy Trinity of Mexican chillies - Ancho, Mulato and Pasilla, along with the complex flavours of about 20 different spices all blended with smooth dark chocolate, this sauce lends a sweet-savoury note to any dish.  Try it in a chicken, or duck, casserole, adding it at the stage where you would add cream.  A little goes a long way and gives any dish a rich, velevety texture and incredible depth of flavour.  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this goes perfectly in a chile sin carne for example.  And if you don't cook, just spread it on fresh bread or crunchy toast - so much better than Nutella!


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