Baked Feta with Naga Hot Honey

This is a delicious little recipe that makes a lovely starter, or an indulgent lunch. Feta is baked simply with Chilli Pepper Pete’s Naga Hot Honey for the ultimate combination of sweet, salty and spicy, and served with toast to scoop it up.

200g feta
2 tbsp Chilli Pepper Pete’s Naga Hot Honey
Black pepper
A small bunch of fresh thyme
Fresh bread, to serve

Serves 4 as a sharing starter or 2 as a lunch

1. First, remove the feta from the packaging and loosely wrap in kitchen paper. Set aside on the kitchen counter for at least half an hour to get rid of excess moisture.

2. Roughly chop the feta and pack it into a small oven-proof dish. Drizzle with the Chilli Pepper Pete’s Naga Hot Honey and sprinkle with a little black pepper, then place under the grill on a high heat for 5-10 minutes – keep a close eye on it and take it out when the cheese has turned a deep golden colour on top.

3. Strip the fresh thyme leaves off the stalks and sprinkle generously over the baked cheese. Serve with bread, cut into thin slices and toasted, and a bottle of good red wine.