If you like hummus, you’ll love this delicious Syrian dip made with roasted peppers, walnuts and Chilli Pepper Pete’s Aleppo Chilli Flakes. It’s spicy and a little sweet, with a great dipping consistency, and it’s perfect for a pre-dinner nibble or as part of a big mezze spread. It’s also incredibly easy to make. Traditionally, it would be made with pomegranate molasses, but as they can be a little tricky to get hold of, don’t be afraid to leave them out – just add a pinch more sugar.

2 large red peppers
2 tbsp olive oil
100g white breadcrumbs
2 tbsp tomato puree
2 cloves of garlic, peeled
2 tbsp pomegranate molasses (optional)
1 tsp Chilli Pepper Pete’s Aleppo Chilli Flakes
1 tsp sumac
1 tsp sugar
A pinch of salt
A handful of walnuts, plus extra to decorate
A pinch of fresh parsley, to decorate

1. First, roast the peppers – lay out on a baking tray and place under the grill on a high heat. Turn them regularly until the skin is well blackened on all sides, then set them aside for a few minutes to cool.

2. Once the peppers are cool enough to handle, remove the stalk and the seeds. Carefully peel off the skin and discard, and then roughly chop the flesh and transfer to a food processor.

3. Add the rest of the ingredients, saving the parsley and a few walnuts to serve. Pulse until the mixture is reasonably smooth, then scrape out into a bowl and top with the parsley and remaining walnuts. Serve with pitta or flatbread for dipping.