Extreme Sauces

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Dragon's Blood Original Mega Hot Chilli Sauce
Heat:  10/10 What can we say about the legend that is Chilli Pepper Pete's Dragon's Blood Or..
Ex Tax: £6.30
Based on 1 reviews.
Dragon's Blood XXX Ultra Hot Sauce
Heat: 12/10 New Bottle Volume: 100ml  Info: So ... Dragon's Blood Original Mega Hot ..
Ex Tax: £9.00
Based on 12 reviews.
Naga Ghost Chilli Paste
Heat:  10/10 Info:  How can such a little jar contain such a powerhouse of heat and fla..
Ex Tax: £3.50
Satan's Sh*t
Heat: 1.3m scovilles So this is it - the hottest product you can get before drinking neat extract..
Ex Tax: £10.00
Based on 10 reviews.
Hotter than Hell Chilli Paste
This is another product we have made for many years and is perfect in its simplicity - just chillies..
Ex Tax: £5.00