Dragon's Blood Hot Green Salsa with Jalapeno, Facing Heaven and Tabasco Chillies

Dragon's Blood Hot Green Salsa

  • Dragon's Blood Hot Green Salsa
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Heat:  5/10

Vol: 100ml

What can we say of the legend that is Chilli Pepper Pete's Dragon's Blood Hot Green Salsa?
A delicious green sauce with a bit of a bite and a whole lot of zing!  A generous splash on your food puts the zest back into any mealtime! Perfect as a dipping sauce with nachos, or as a dressing for salad - just set your imagination free!  
Ingredients:  Green tomatillos, roasted green chillies, onion, jalapeno chillies, lime juice, garlic, salt, sugar, ginger, tabasco chillies, facing heaven chillies, black pepper


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