Dried Chillis

Dried Chillies

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Urfa Biber

Heat: 2/10 Origin: Turkey Weight: 50g Information:  This mild chilli from Turkey is tr..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Birdseye Dried Chilli

Origin: Africa Heat: 8/10 Info: This fiery little number from Africa is renowned througho..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50


Origin: India Heat: 7/10 Info: Originally from Cayenne in French Guiana, this is now rega..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Facing Heaven Bullet Chillies

Origin: China Heat: 5/10 Info: Imported from Sichuan, and so named because it grows pointing u..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Holy Trinity Chilli Blend

Origin:  Mexico Heat:  3/10 Info: A very popular blend of the Mexican chillies - anc..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Spanish Smoked Paprika

Smoked Sweet Paprika Powder Origin: Spain Heat: 0/10 Info:  This really is the produc..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Aji Amarillo

Origin: Peru Heat: 6/10 Weight: 30g  Info:  This chilli is the most importan..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Aji Panca

Heat: 3/10 Origin: Peru Info: This chilli is rare outside S America and the USA but ..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50


Origin: Mexico Heat: 3/10 Info: The cascabel is also known as the little rattle which ref..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50


Origin: Mexico Heat: 3/10 Info:  Guajillo is a milder relative of De Arbol, Pulla and Cos..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

New Mexico Red

Origin: Mexico Heat: 3/10 Info: This chilli gets its name from the state of New Mexico and par..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

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