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Mexican Chilli Infused Oil

This oil is Mexico in a bottle. Ancho, Cascabel, Chipotle Morita, De-Arbol, Guajillo, Habane..

£9.35 Ex Tax: £9.35

Naga Ghost Chilli Oil

This oil is really, really hot - and the longer you leave it, the hotter it gets. We've filled th..

£9.35 Ex Tax: £9.35

Piri Piri Chilli Oil

Heat: 9/10This bottle of oil is stuffed full with various chillies - not only are they hot and ..

£9.35 Ex Tax: £9.35

Birdseye Dried Chilli

Origin: Africa Heat: 8/10 Info: This fiery little number from Africa is renowned througho..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.95

Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil

 Toasted Pumkin Seed Oil      MADE        WITHIN SLOVEN..

£8.50 Ex Tax: £8.50

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