Satan's Sh*t Extreme Chilli Paste with 6.4 and 12m shu extract

Satan's Sh*t

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Heat: 1.3m scovilles

So this is it - the hottest product you can get before drinking neat extract.  We've put in a blistering 6.4 million scovilles of heat in this little pot so it will last a very long time.  This is for the chillihead from hell.  When you're descending into the fiery pit take a jar of this to brighten the way.  

We've made this XXXX hot so just beware - and don't say we didn't warn you.   If you buy this product you release us from any responsibility for any damage it may do to your system, physical or mental.  You will need to sign away your soul to buy a jar.

This is for ADULTS ONLY.

Vol: 55ml


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