Mulato Mexican dried chilli used in mole poblano and part of the Holy Trinity


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Heat: 2/10

Origin: Mexico

Info: The Mulato is another dried poblano (see Ancho) and part of the Holy Trinity of Mexican chillies, along with Ancho and Pasilla, used in mole poblano.  The difference between the Mulato and Ancho is in the harvesting.  Whereas Ancho is harvested just as it turns red, the Mulato continues to ripen to a deep rich red, almost brown, colour which gives it a complex character and flavours of smoky coffee, liquorice, cherries and a hint of chocolate.  The rich brown colour deepens the colour of sauces making it the perfect spicing for casseroles and stews.  Since the Mulato has thick skin and flesh, it is best prepared by rehydrating it in boiling water for max 20 mins then blending it into a puree.  Alternatively, after rehydration, stuff with your favourite mixture (eg breadcrumbs, cheese, chicken, etc) and shallow fry.

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