Pastes & Spice Rubs

Pastes & Spice Rubs

Holy Trinity Chilli Blend

Origin:  Mexico Heat:  3/10 Info: A very popular blend of the Mexican chillies - anc..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Hotter than Hell Chilli Paste

This is another product we have made for many years and is perfect in its simplicity - just chillies..

£5.00 Ex Tax: £5.00

Bharat Spice Blend

Bharat Spice Blend Ingredients: Allspice, Black Peppercorns, Cardamom, Cassia, Cloves, Coria..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Cajun Spice Rub

Cajun Spice Rub Heat: 4/10 Info: Try this wonderful Cajun Spice Rub on prawns or fish on a bed..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Fajita Spice Blend

Fajita Spice Blend HEAT: 5/10 Weight:  50g Fajitas are a family favourite fo..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Jamaican Jerk Spice Rub

Jamaican Jerk Spice Rub Heat: 5/10 Weight: 50g Info:  Our ever popular jerk spice rub,..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Just Scotch Bonnets Chilli Paste

Heat:  8/10 Info:  An easy to use Scotch Bonnet paste, with nothing added.  Add a ..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Piri Piri Spice Rub

Piri Piri Spice Rub Heat: 6/10 Information: Ah, memories of Portugal! This delicious, fie..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Santa's Sh1t

Santa's Sh1t (Not) Just for Christmas! So you want a little something special for Christmas. ..

£10.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

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