Nídhöggr Black Garlic & Chilli Sauce

Nídhöggr - Black Garlic & Chilli Sauce

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Chilli Pepper Pete's Níðhöggr Black Garlic & Chilli Sauce

Heat: 4/10

Vol: 100ml

ðhöggr (Nidhoggr) is a Norse mythological dragon that feeds on the roots of the tree of life, and is the inspiration for this intensly rich and dark black garlic & chilli sauce.
Perfect for flavouring stews, casseroles, bolognese and con carne with a unique black garlic flavour, and just a little chilli kick from Urfa, Kashmiri & Chipotle.

Smear over all sorts of meat and vegetables before grilling or BBQ to get a unique garlic kick.
Can also be used as a thick relish with your burger or hotdog.

Ingredients:  Prune, Tomato, Onion, Urfa, Black Galic, Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic, Black Treacle, Relish, Kashmiri, Chipotle

Nutritional (per 100g): Energy 347kj 82cal, Fat 1.3g of which saturates 0.2g, Carbohydrates 14g of which sugars 11g, Protein 2.0g, Fibre 2.6g, Salt 0.5g

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