Dried Chillies by heat. Mild, medium, hot, extreme chilli heat

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Aleppo Chilli Flakes

Origin:  Turkey Heat: 2/10  Info: Named after the Syrian town of Aleppo, but al..

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Ancho (dried poblano)

Heat: 2/10Origin: MexicoInfo:  The Ancho is the most popular chilli in Mexico.  It has a m..

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Heat: 2/10 Origin: Mexico Info: The Mulato is another dried poblano (see Ancho) and part of th..

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Heat: 8/10 Origin: Mexico Info:  Fiery heat that takes a few seconds to "kick in". Use th..

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Urfa Biber

Heat: 2/10 Origin: Turkey Weight: 50g Information:  This mild chilli from Turkey is tr..

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